Active X control/security warning errors

In order to make sure of the security of your system, your workstation may show an error/warning.

There are a few things that need to be done with your system.  If you can not contact computer services, and you need to use the infonet right a way, please try these steps first.

a.  Adding Trusted sites. 
b.  Enabling/Allowing Active X control.


a. Adding Trusted sites.

1.  Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools - Options from top menu.

2.  From the options window, click on Security tab and click on "Trusted sites".

3.  Click on "Sites" button and add in you trusted sites list.
*Off-Site offices may need to add also.
** Uncheck the box "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"

4.  Click on Close - OK


b.  Enabling/Allowing Active X control.

Your Browser (Internet Explorer) may show a warning/message for "Active X Control".

1.  Click on "Allow" or "OK".

2.  Go to top of the page and click on the message shown below.

3.  Choose "Run Active X Control".
* Important! - This is allowed for this site only! (InfoNet)