Editing Websites with Microsoft Front Page

You need to have USER NAME & PASSWORD for site editing in order to proceed.  If you are not in charge of updating websites, please contact your administrator, supervisor or manager.

* YOU NEED TO HAVE USER ID & PASSWORD for the site you're trying to update!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - Just because you "saved" your password to your computer, it DOES NOT mean you don't need it anymore!

** User ID & Passwords are different according to each site you're trying to update.  In order to obtain this information, please contact your manager/supervisor.

1.  Open Microsoft FrontPage from "Programs List".

2.  From the top menu, choose "File" - "Open Web".

3.  Type in the web name (Site address) - for example: http://www.ohinc.org  -- ***will not work without typing the "http".

4.  FrontPage will open the site and it will ask for user name and password.  Please type in appropriate user name and password.

5.  After logging process is properly finished, you will be able to add/change any items in this web by double clicking the file name. 

6.  IF ASKED "Do you want to check-out", PLEASE DO NOT CLICK YES.  Choose "No" in order to proceed with editing and updating.

If you choose to check out, other people will not be able to update the page.  As you can see below, index.html is locked out.

7.  If you're trying to upload files/folders, please copy & paste it to correct location.  This will enable the site's hyperlink to work correctly.

To learn more about how hyperlinks work, please read this. -- (FYI)This is a hyperlink!