How to import contact list (email addresses) to Outlook

*Document written for Opportunity House members.

1. Open your outlook and make sure your email is working first.

2. Go to your "Contacts" folder from Outlook menu.

3. Click on: File Import/Export from main menu.

Import/Export wizard window will open.

4. Choose "import from another program or file" (default) and click "Next".

5. Scroll down and choose "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click "Next"

6. Type in: F:\Newemails.cvs  for your "file to import", select "Replace Duplicates with items imported".  Click "Next"

7. Make sure you choose "Import items to current folder option" and click "Finish".

You should be able to see all OH members email addresses in your "contacts" folder.

8.  After verifying the emails imported, Click on File - Folder - Properties for "Contacts"

9. Select "Outlook Address Book" tab, and make sure there is a check mark on "Show this folder as an email address book".  You can name this contact what ever you wish to.

10.  That's it.  Go to your inbox and try sending an email to OH member.  When you have confirmed you're good to go, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO DELETE/REMOVE MS MAIL ACCOUNT.