Making Default page work with your Internet Explorer.

There are security settings and active x controls that are needed in order to make InfoNET work properly.  These are generally taken care of on your workstation at Opportunity House, but if you are using out source computer, you will need to check a few things.



"Java runtime" console is needed in order to make all the functions work. This is free download at but you should ask your administrator first.


Popup blocker

"Popup blocker" settings and 3rd party popup blockers (google, websearch, yahoo...) need to be configured.  For Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" - "Popup blocker" - "Popup Blocker settings" and add and into exceptions.  For all other 3rd party popup blockers, you will need to talk to your administrator or disable them.


Active X control

When default page is opened for the first time, your Internet Explorer will ask your permission to run "Active X Control from this site".  You will have to click on this message bar from top of the page and click on "run" or "allow".


Trusted site

For security reasons, you will have to add "" and "" into your trusted sites option.  Please see "Adding/editing a "Trusted site" for your Internet Explorer" from help & support section.